Friday, December 27, 2013

Why Online Marketing is Oxygen for your Real Estate Business?

If sales is the life blood of a business then what does that make marketing? Oxygen.
Sales is the fuel that feeds your blood. With out marketing even seasoned sales executives will struggle. Since the Internet is changing the way we do business, we have to change the way we find leads. Everybody wants make money today, not tomorrow.  So how does a traditional Investor transition and leverage the power of the Internet to drive traffic to his or her business?

By utilizing SEO technologies, Email campaigns, and animated websites, a business can create a whole new segment of leads. Some Internet Savvy Investors have been able to transform their businesses overnight. The bottom line is that Internet Marketing can take your Investment career from no deals; to hundreds of closed deals in a very short time.

Internet Marketing can be costly:

You need to do Internet Marketing right or it could end up costing you a fortune. Be careful not to get carried away. Paying Google to bring up your site with high priced key words like "Foreclosure" or "Private Money" is a bad marketing campaign waiting to happen and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If managed correctly a couple of hundred dollars can transform you into a multi million dollar Investor.

Build Leads Organically; We all have social networks and we should start with those first. See my post about using MLM techniques to build networks. Scroll down to using your personal network of power.  Most of us have at least 300+ social media friends but have you ever asked your FB friends how they are doing in a direct message? Have you introduced yourself and told them what you do?  Most likely you haven't.  Simply giving them a hello and signing your name with your website is enough to get them curious.  Most of the time you don't even need to mention what you do until much later.

Update webpages, fan pages and social media groups often; Keeping your site updated with your current deals and having a sign up form is huge lead generation tool.  It lets people know what your doing and gives them a way to stay connected to you.  Keep your FB fan page up to date with new events and connect directly with people that have liked your page.  Post to forums and look for other RE related website to network with other Investors.  

There are many sales channels on the World Wide Web.  You just need to start to channel those leads and create an end less supply of BIG leads.

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